Canteen Lunch in the Alley


Ernie and Shirlee MacBeth (front) and Scott and Jan Pierce (behind) at the 80th year anniversary


1927 // Dusty Rhoades opened a five-stool restaurant called Canteen Lunch in the Alley.  It housed only five stools.

1929 // Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carter took over the business and kept it in its same location.

1936 // The Carter's moved the business to its current location at 112 E 2nd St.  It houses 17 stools and a U-shape counter in which the famous loose meat sandwiches and home-made pies are served from to this day.

1976 // Bernita Popchuck, Carter's daughter, sold the business to Ernie and Shirlee Macbeth.  Ernie was a former teacher and principal, and his wife Shirlee, a former hairdresser.

2015 // The MacBeth's sold the business to Scott and Jan Pierce.  Scott grew up in Ottumwa and wants to keep the tradition of the Canteen going for future generations.