Frequently Asked Questions

How long has the Canteen been open?

The Canteen opened in another location in 1927. Dusty Rhoades began making loose-meat sandwiches and taking them to the sale barn on Saturdays when the farmers came to sell their animals.  Mr. and Mrs. Bill Carter bought the restaurant in 1929 and did not move it to its current location until 1936.  The business itself is 91 years but the current location is 82 years old.

How many stools does the Canteen have?

There are 17 stools around the horseshoe counter. 

Do you accept credit cards/debit cards?

Yes.  We accept all cards. We do not accept checks. 

How many cookers has the Canteen had over 82 years?

To our knowledge, the current cooker is the second in 82 years.  

How much ground beef do you go through in an average day?

The Canteen uses a minimum of 150 pounds per day, an average of roughly 800 pounds per week.

Are the pies homemade?

Yes.  We have a baker that makes them for us.  She works hard to keep up with our nearly 50 pies per week order!

How much did a Canteen sandwich cost in 1929?

Ten cents.  A small piece of pie cost five cents.

What hours are you open? 

We are open Monday thru Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm.  These hours are all year round.  We no longer have summer/winter hours.

Which employee has been working at the Canteen the longest?

We have several wonderful employees that have dedicated a large portion of their life to the Canteen.  Currently, we have Yvonne: 27 years, Karen: 20 years, Alice: 15 years, and Sharon: 18 years. 

Is there a secret recipe?

Yes, it's made out of a whole lot of history and an extra sprinkle of love.